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Buzzing sound, from where I know not

Forum Voyager IV Buzzing sound, from where I know not

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2006 Voyager / Grand Voyager IV 2.8 (171 cui)

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Fuel diesel. 3-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 2 800 ccm (171 cui).

2017-08-11 19:09:02

Whenever I accelerate I hear a buzzing, vibration noise but cannot track down its source. It sounds a little like the noise a playing card makes on a cycle wheel. (If you ever did that as a kid you will know what I mean)

It can't be noticed when cruising at speed. Anyone else experienced this or does one of you boffins know exactly what it is and how to cure it. It drives me to distraction and didn't even know I knew where that was.

2017-08-11 20:30:10

I had the same noise a few weeks ago, it was the alternator rollers.

Bengt Erik
2017-08-11 23:04:46

I do'tknw if there is an y but check ot for loose ends of exgaust heat shield mats..