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2017-03-24 15:17:37

The Chrysler Delta review  |  More info

Yes we know that it's the Lancia Delta but it's been brought into Ireland as the Chrysler Delta so we let Bob loose with it over Christmas. See what he thought of it here.

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2017-03-24 15:18:08

Chrysler Delta hatchback review - CarBuyer  |  More info

Chrysler Delta hatchback 2014 review:

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The Delta is a five-door family hatchback similar in size to the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. Originally released as a Lancia in Europe, the Delta is now sold by Chrysler in the UK making use of the already well-established dealer network. Parent company Fiat supply a range of engines for UK customers including two petrols and a two diesels. Our pick of the range is the 1.6-litre diesel engine as it offers low running costs and a torquey power delivery - it is very noisy though. The smaller 1.4-litre petrols can prove to be quite thirsty but are better suited to shorter journeys. All variants are spacious inside and come with air conditioning and six airbags as standard.

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2017-03-24 15:24:33

Chrysler Delta : Car Review  |  More info

As the dust settles on Fiat Chief Sergio Marchionne's audacious takeover of US car giant Chrysler, we see the return to the UK of a familiar name - Delta - but there's no sign of a Lancia badge. So is it still pasta with porcini mushrooms or more pancakes with maple syrup? Let's find out.

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